1. Define the spare part scope and classification criteria for analysis

2. Exclude spare parts that cannot be printed

3. Exclude spare parts that are not technologically feasible for 3D print

4. Ranking the remaining spare parts based on economic feasibility

5 .Define requirements on the 3D printing process and the materials for the selected parts

Virtual Warehouse

If your company wants to reduce inventory storage costs, transport, tools and,  improve the service

level (quick delivery and wide availability). while move to make-to-order parts , it needs to integrate i-print3dspares onsite additive manufacturing system to produce parts on demand.

Instead of hold  stock physical , a digital file is available online and when a customer order a part you simply print it.

3D Printing

E4-3D Engineering has developed a new way of manufacturing spare parts through our I-PRINT3DSPARES™ system. Build to eliminate waste and the need for inventory. With I-PRINT3DSPARES , a digital design file of the physical inventory is securely stored at our online virtual warehouse and sold under-licence to be printed on demand locally near to the customer .

Depending on your inventory needs, E4-3D Engineering will evaluate your product mix and manage a Factory in a Box 3D printing production system with the digital inventory at the end use location to meet most needs.

Thermosthat Cover

Product redesigned for metal 3D printing

Headlight Cover for 4X4 SUVs

Redesigned for FDM process 3d printing


3D Printed car parts

Buy a STL file

We bring your vision to life. Any size, any shape.

We adopt the most innovative design techniques, extending our product range to applications with complex geometries,we process high-tech materials, such as carbon fiber, for advanced mechanical performance, and, on top of working with state-of-art printers, we developed a e-commerce marketplace for 3D printed car parts.

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