What we offer

E4-3D Engineering is focused on design, redesign, engineering and reengineering products specifically for additive manufacturing of car parts, machine and equipment, consumer goods and helthcare industries

Identification and classification of 3D printable spare parts

Feasibility Assessment

Before start to make-to-order it is essential for digital spare parts businesses to identify the potential parts suitable for 3D printing from companies’ spare parts libraries. The evaluation of a spare part's 3D printability is divided into two main criteria: is it technologically possible to 3D print the part, and is it also economically viable

Evaluation of current strategy and development of a new strategy

Planning  how to move from large and expensive spare parts inventory and transition to a digital supply chain, where the spare parts are stored and sent digitally, and 3D printed close to the end user on demand,


Product and process design

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3D File


Sell under-licence your digital design files

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Onsite Additive


We place a Factory-in-a Box on-site to print the parts 

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About us

E4-3D Enginnering for Additive Manufactuing is a start up company based in England with the purpuse of use 3D printing for social and economic development .

Empowering people economically and socially fostering entrepreneurship by using distributed manufacturing based on Additive Manufacturing.


Ready to starting manufacture your products with additive manufacturing? contact us and we will design for 3D printing or even manufacture your products using the technology


Basecamp Liverpool Studio N

49 Jamaica Street

L1 0AH



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